Easton — the producer of aluminum and carbon fiber pole production — makes tents and more.

The Easton kilo 3 season tent caught my attention for a variety of reasons. First, its slim weight (2.2 pounds) make it perfect for bike tours and lightweight backpacking. Second, uses a monofilament tether instead of traditional shock chord in its carbon fiber poles. This makes the poles 59% lighter (and stronger) than traditional poles. the 5000 mil bathtub-style floor is durable and highly water resistant. For $400, the Easton Kilo is 44″ tall, simple to set up and plenty roomy.

The 5.5 pound Hat-Trick tent is Easton’s solution to all-season camping. The Hat Trick works great in high winds and medium snowfall.

Easton Kilo

Easton Hat Trick