For far too long, Backcountry boozing has meant nips of southern comfort. Decadent Saint Ultimate Mixers are here to save you from that fate. These 40-proof concentrates have a high strength-to-weight ratio and don’t require refrigeration. Four flavors (passionfruit, raspberry, spiced blackcurrant and spiced dark chocolate) allow mixologists to create an infinite array of cocktails. On fast and light adventures, just add water to create sangria-like sips. Bring along hard booze or other mixers for margaritas, mules or Manhattans. Or elevate your backcountry hutkeeper status by mixing blackcurrant with mulled wine or pouring spiced dark chocolate over snowballs in the sauna. Decadent Saint’s mixers can also help polish your halo at home. You can visit the Boulder tasting room for a taste test and find recipes at