You never want to say you are “good” at anything in this state. It always turns out there is someone who is beautifully better. This is a state full of resident badasses—people who can out climb, out ski, out run and generally just beat you into the ground while having fun. But who is the most badass of all?

It’s up to our readers to decide.

It’s simple: First, scroll below and nominate your favorite COLORADO RESIDENT BADASS in the following categories: ICE, ROCK, AIR, ENDURANCE, HUMANITARIAN, SNOW, WATER, WHEELS, WILD CARD. The nomination period runs until November 5. Then, the voting begins. We take the top five nominees in each category and they square off until we determine a Badass Winner in each discipline. Then we pit all the badass winners off against each other to determine Colorado’s Ultimate Resident Badass.

The winning Badasses will be featured in the January/February issue of Elevation Outdoors.

Submit Badass Nominations Here!

Nominations accepted — October 22 – November 5
Round 1 – November 12 – November 19 (5 Badasses per category)
Round 2 – November 19 – 26 (2 Badasses per category go head-to-had to determine a winner for each category)
Round 3 – November 26 – December (1 Top Badass from each category go head to head to determine The Ultimate Colorado Badass)

Any indication of cheating may result in disqualification of the offending party.