What’s for dinner at 26,000ft?

May 12: 2011: 09:00hrs (Nepal Time) What’s for dinner at 26,000ft (8000m)

I just talked to Tim on Skype, you can tell he is super stoked about the summit push for the team as he was talking incredibly fast. It was an impossible conversation because of the slight delay and all the chatter in the background with Sherpa radios going off this morning all at the same time and me wanting to settle some communication issues. Things like, ” Tell Tashi to check his spot and send a signal and send lots of them to test drive the new Everest3D Reality Maps program so we can take all of you flying with the team”.

Then we discussed launch times for the summit push. Tim said 21:00hrs tonight Nepal Time and I said 18:00hrs Nepal Time and the guest in the tent, a well known expedition leader started to laugh…. Whaat…?   :)

Apparently there were a few summit pushes last night and there were turn backs because of wind, that’s all I know, not who or anything like that and I don’t report on other teams.

So there ya have it… they will be diving into their MRE boil in the bag meals today loading up on fuel. Menu items will include things like:  Meatballs w/Marinara, Maple Sausages, Chicken Fajita, Pot Roast w/Vegetables, Buffalo Chicken and so on. We also have boil in the bag curries and lentils for those who prefer spicy foods. Our high altitude boil in the bags and fish supplements and bars are the only thing we import from home. The rest we buy local as part of our green policy.

I will be going to bed now and back with you here in the morning PST when they will begin their ascent to top. The wine is being chilled.  ……. stay tuned.. Becky

Photo: South Col

May 11: 2011: 20:00hrs (Nepal Time) All is good…Camp 4 – 26000ft (8000m)

Our team arrived at the South Col in good time and are all now at camp resting and sipping on oxygen.  They are going to stay here tonight and all day tomorrow while on oxygen giving them an extra boost rather than heading up tonight. The weather is still holding so this is the optimal approach allowing their bodies more time to get energized for the big push late on the 12th which should have them on the summit the morning of the 13th.

Over and out …. Tim

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