Instagram Takeover: True Subaru Couple

Together, Christmas and Randy make up the True Subaru Couple and they’ve been sharing their passion for adventure travel as ambassadors of Subaru of America and the Subaru Adventure Team. The Colorado-based couple has been inspiring and encouraging people to get outdoors by sharing photos and stories of their epic adventures that include visits to the gorgeous Maroon Bells, ice climbing at Lincoln Falls, and hiking in Death Valley. Tag along on their adventerous this week as they take over the EO Instagram page with photos and stories from some of their favorite adventures!
Get to know the @TrueSubaruCouple here:
Elevation Outdoors: Where is your favorite place to go outside and play?
Randy: Above treeline. The more remote, the better!
Christmas: There’s to many to just pick one! I feel at home in the mountains though. But, I love to get inspiration of seeing new places from reading and pinteresting! Some of my favorite finds were from others before me, and I like to share the “wealth” I learned, with others.
EO: Where will your next big adventure be?
Christmas: We’ll be taking the Silverton train ride to the Needleton Stop to hike into Chicago Basin, and then attempting four 14er’s during the labor day weekend! We’re pretty excited to see the Basin and the beauty of our surroundings, six miles away from our drop-off point.
EO: How did you and Randy become the @TrueSubaruCouple?
Christmas: We’ve always had a Subaru and love for the brand. We had seen so many outdoor adventures and thought why not us? We were going outdoors, travelling and posting about our adventures. We ended up asking Subaru for some official banners to take up with us to the summit of Mt. Rainier (which we successfully did!). We then created a business plan, submitted our pictures and stories, and coined ourselves as the True Subaru Couple. The rest is history!
EO: Who is your outdoor adventure hero?
Randy:  John Muir. He was a pioneer of his time, and was the type of guy who wanted to be in the mountains versus a crowded room.
Christmas: My mother. She loved the mountains, and really showed me the great outdoors at an early age. Fishing, camping, hiking and backpacking were staples in our family. For that reason, she is my hero and inspires me still, to try new things and push myself.
EO: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could have 3 items dropped out of the sky for you, what three items would they be?
Christmas: Fire starter, machete and a metal pot. With those three things, you can pretty much survive anywhere.
EO: What else do you want EO readers to know about you?
Christmas: We were given this opportunity by Subaru, and we only hope to inspire you to reach for your goals, try new things and explore your world. There are too many times where you wish you could have, or you had that opportunity that you didn’t go for, and at the end of the day, you regret the experiences you missed. Go for it and trust your gut instincts. You’ll be glad you did.

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