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EBC Party and the 7th Crux of climbing Everest

May 14, 2010: 21:00hrs (Nepal Time)- EBC PARTY and #7 of the 7 Crux’s of climbing Everest.

Peak Freak members went all the way from Camp 4 to the summit and all the way back to Camp 2 in one push. Today they climbed back through ice-fall for the last time and are all here safe and sound at EBC.

It’s starting to heat up now and because of this I had our team rise and shine early to get through it. Tonight we are all here in the tent having truly a great time. So far we have gone through about 10 bottles of wine and no one is counting the beer. So many good stories and laughs, everyone is on cloud 9 right now. Even the ones who turned back are completely happy with their journey as far as they made it. We are just one big happy bunch tonight.

Tomorrow the rest of our Sherpas should have the clean up done and everything brought down. Upon their return we will have another party and then on the 16th we head out down the trail to Lukla and there will be even more parties. We will celebrate night after night in the villages and in our Shepa family homes. Fun times ahead..

The weather has been fantastic actually. We still haven’t seen any wind from the short wind forecast that surfaced at one point that created a stir. We were confident we could work around it because our approach plan offered flexibility because we run small scale expeditions and have more resources. With small scale expeditions everyone has the opportunity to go at once if need be. No staggering missing the gap. It worked for us because back when the snow storm hit when we were at Camp 2 I had sent our team down the valley to do their pre- summit rest earlier than normal and our Sherpa staff kept working up through it all having everything in place when the time was right. Becky had a feeling by watching what was going on with weather systems that is was going to be a different season. The instability was a concern so we wanted to be ready for whatever we were handed and it paid off.

So now, it’s the final obstacle given in an Everest expedition. Crux #7 – that would be getting a flight out Lukla to Kathmandu in the spring when the monsoon weather starts to hang up here in the Himalayas. We are booked out on the 20th, just around the time the heavy rain is suppose to hit the region. We may opt for the Jiri hike out if it looks like we will be grounded due to weather. Again, we will keep things flexible.

So stay tuned.. the adventure by far is not over yet. Pictures will be downloaded on FB probably on the 17th or early if we can. Things are being packed up like our chargers and panels etc.

Over and out… Tim

May 13, 2010: 21:00hrs (Nepal Time) Everyone is down and sleeping at Camp 2.

Our Sherpa teams are switching positions. Some are bringing loads down and some rested at C2 and EBC while the push was going on and are now ready to finish cleaning off the mountain. This task should be complete by as early as tomorrow night. The yaks arrive on the 16th to move everything out of base camp to our cache.

BIG NEWS! Jangbu Sherpa (Georgina’s personal Sherpa) had a baby boy while they were making their summit push. Jangbu is apparently out of control at Camp 2 with excitement. Not just because it’s his fourth child but because there is much more to it. His previous three children are all girls and in his culture it is required to have a son to light the flame for cremation for the father when he dies. If the father does not have a son it will cost him a lot of money to pay someone to light it for him. What usually happens is they have to give up their land in order to pay that expense. We are so happy for him. Jangbu works twice a year with us. He’s a regular on both our Pumori and Everest expeditions.

Photos will probably follow tomorrow or the day after and I would like to give a big shout out to all the families and friends at home for trusting us with your loved ones. We once again maintain our flawless safety record and at the end of the day that is the most important part of a successful expedition that should never be taken for granted or forgotten.

Tim will be doing an expedition debrief at some point. Right now he will be pretty busy closing the expedition and celebrating with the team. They have secured flights out of Lukla to Kathmandu on May 20th – they made the bet date!!

All the best to everyone, we hope you enjoyed the journey. Tim & Becky

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