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SIA 2016 Bigger and Better Than Ever

SIA 2016


The SIA snow show in Denver is an epic mix of showcasing the latest gear as well as informative workshops with the industries leading professionals. The weekend got started off with VP of International Marketing for GoPro, Bryan Johnston, talking about how to better utilize user content in media for your business. From there, its all about exploring the latest and greatest of the snow sports world!

SIA 3 resize (1 of 1)I stumbled across Niche snowboards and walked out incredibly impressed by not only their rad designs and board construction, but also the passion involved behind the company. Based in Salt Lake City, Niche is extremely environmentally conscious and focused on not only making a great board but leaving as small of a carbon footprint as possible.

SIA 2 resize (1 of 1)If you are in the market for some of the best boots on the market, look no further than the new Travis Rice collection from DC. Both the snowboard boot and the snow repellent boot deliver you all the comfort, style, and functionality you could possibly ask for when you are trenching around deep snow or strapping in for a fresh powder run.

SIA 4 resize (1 of 1)Located only in Grand Junction, Loki continues to develop new and exciting ways to stay warm but also have amazing functionality. It seems they have the edge of the market when it comes to both style and accessibility. Keep up the great work Loki!

sia 6 low rez SIA 6 resize (1 of 1)One of my favorite stops at SIA was for sure Onewheel. It has to be one of the most intuitive boards I have ever jumped on. It is as easy as lean forward to go forward, and lean back to go backwards. It’s incredibly fluid in the transition between switch and goofy. It may seem risky to invest in this incredible product with the price right around $1,500, but I can say that it is worth every cent! Whether it’s sand, rocks, or a groomed hiking trail, the Onewheel can take you almost anywhere you want to go. Don’t hesitate on this, order one today!

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