JL_Pakems-02As another day of outdoor adventure winds down, nothing feels better than kicking off your shoes to relax. Instead of walking around camp in your socks the rest of the day, slipping on a pair of Pakems makes a big difference. This fun take on apres footwear keeps your feet toasty and comfortable while keeping you free to move about as you like.

The rubber soles and water resistant uppers give you all-terrain wearability that would otherwise ruin your fuzzy bunny slippers at home and are so comfy they might even become their replacement.  Great for snowy parking lots, dusty campgrounds or even just long car rides, the insulation keeps you warmer than a regular pair of shoes for when the sun goes down and if things get a bit breezy, just cinch down the drawstring to keep the heat in.

New for Fall ‘14 Pakems is releasing the Extreme – a redesigned version of the Classic high top(pictured here). With 4 colors to choose from and a travel bag included, these Pakems are ready to be your companion on any cool or cold weather excursion. $70.00 – pakems.com