So – you know those guys and gals who cruise over the finish line and look totally fresh? Or, those people you come across deep in the woods who look as if they just stepped out of a catalogue?  Well, I am most definitely not one of these people. My hair persistently blows in twenty directions. I always have some sort of dark liquid dribbled down my shirt or food stuck to my chin. And, I inevitably accessorize with mud-caked calves or shorts stamped with a greasy bike chain imprint. Mess just finds me. As a result, I’m the one grinning like a fool and giving two thumbs up in race photos without realizing that I look like I’ve been to hell and back.

Because of my innate ability to attract dirt, sweat, grease and random bits of food, I’ve stopped trying to look good out there. Instead, I’ve embraced looking like crap. Honoring my dad’s tradition of keeping clothes until they literally fall off, I wear oversized tees and baggy shorts that are a few day shy of complete disintegration. I just try to keep my hair in the same zip code as the rest of my body and I make sure to run straight through mud puddles. But, thanks to my new friends over at Skirt Sports, the color of the leaves may not be the only thing changing this fall…

Some of the Skirt Sports Crew

Last week, I went over to Skirt Sports and toured their Boulder-based headquarters. Positivity permeated their pink offices and a short walk through made it clear that everyone loves what they do – which is more than just make performance sports clothes. They actually make women – of every size and ability – happier by helping them to look good and feel comfortable while pursuing their outdoor passions. Skirt Sports does this by creating performance skirts (of varying lengths) and shirts (of all types) in funky patterns that change each season and flatter an array of body types.

The morning following my visit – one of the first cool ones we’ve had after this ridiculously hot, never-ending summer – I threw on my new Skirt Sports outfit, jumped on my road bike and headed north toward Lefthand Canyon. It was early so there weren’t that many people out, but the few who were appeared to be dressed for full on winter. But, there I was cruising along in only a skirt, tank and arm warmers and I felt great. The arm warmers added just the right touch of heat to keep me cozy on the down hills without causing me to roast on the climbs. I enjoyed knowing that I was wearing something pretty and practical. The tiny performance features – like the roomy back pocket on the tank and the hidden iPod pocket on the skirt – made a huge difference. The chamois was properly padded and kept me comfy for the duration (The padding has since proven itself on longer rides by me keeping me in the saddle for over 6 hours without any complaints).

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