Govino Glasses Go Anywhere

If you’re looking to class up your next camping experience, check out the go-anywhere glasses from Govino. Available in wine glasses, cocktail sippers, beer glasses and champagne flutes, they travel from kitchen table to picnic table without a hitch.

Govino lineup
The full lineup of Govino glasses.

Admittedly, when I first opened the package of 12-oz wine/cocktail glassware (MSRP $15 for a pack of four), I did turn my nose up. At first glance they’re clearly more economy than business class, if you catch my drift. But after using them for a week and watching them bounce rather than break when I drop them on the kitchen counter, my opinion has grown rosier.

The Pros of Govino Glasses

Made of a food-safe, BPA-free polymer, the cups are totally shatterproof, but the transparent design gives off the impression of glass. Granted, your neighbors at the campsite next door won’t be fooled into thinking its Waterford, but at least you won’t be sipping your boxed Chardonnay out of that blue enamelware mug everyone and their mom seems to own. And the ability to drop, dribble or punt your stemware is kind of cool.

Govino glasses in all their glory.
Govino glasses in all their glory.

At about 0.85 ounces per glass, the cups are quite light, and I loved their squishability. It’s reassuring to know I can toss the item in my pack or jam it into the external water bottle holster and the polymer will compress at least a little to fit.

Govino glass
Go ahead and squish the Govino glass

I was also quite impressed that the glass endured the dishwasher test. The box warns that “to keep your Govino glass lustrous, and to maintain its elegant shape, hand wash only.” As a result, I was expecting the Govino polymer to become a more Dali-esque version of its former self post Whirlpool run. Much to my delight, it came out looking just like new.

The Cons of Govino Glasses

Alas, there’s a reason Govino suggests that users recycle and “replace your Govino once it loses its luster.” Their durability does in fact have its limits. Give the cup a total vice-grip and you’re bound to end up with a crease in the plastic.

The “ergonomic thumb-notch” is a creative little bonus that does indeed make gripping easier, but I doubt I’d suffer stress or injury if it wasn’t there. Ergonomic, I dare say, may be an exaggeration.

Govino glasses
Govino glasses don’t nest.

Those, however, are forgivable foibles. My main disappointment is the inability to nest the four glasses. Unless I feel like forcing a sock or snack baggie inside, the cups take up quite a bit of valuable space in my pack. Another drag: The rim is on the sharper side, making it easy to slice your knuckle if you wash the cup too vigorously (although, that may have been operator error).

Final Remarks

Bottom line: The Govino glasses live up to their promise to be a drinking vessel versatile enough for a variety of venues. And, they’re great for practical jokes. Simply offer to pass it to your prey, and watch them gasp in fright as you drop it before they have it in their grasp.

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