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Gear for Festival Season

1. Ticla Shado Inflato

If you’re like us, you are always jealous of those people chilling out in the open-air shade tents at the back of the festival crowd. It’s time to join them. New brand Ticla specializes in comfy car camping, and this inflatable (pump included) sun shelter is ideal for everything from heavy listening to a picnic-table shelter at the campground. $325;

2. Alite Bison Chair

There’s something very comforting about the Bison chair—and it’s not just that the lightweight, easy-to-pack lounger is so comfy (you’re loathe to get up once you have plopped your butt down in it). It looks and feels like those throwback 1960s butterfly chairs your parents had in their basements. So get groovy. $200;

3. Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 

There’s not much gear that impresses us anymore—especially when it comes to sleeping bags, which are usually just variations on the same old theme. But this sleeping bag blew our minds. It’s part bag, part quilt, part puffy jacket… and made for one comfortable night of sleep. Instead of zipping up, the Bed features a quilt system at your chest: you can tuck it in for the full effect of a sleeping bag, lay it out like a blanket, or push it away when you overheat. It’s easy to side-sleep in here, you can stick stinky feet out the bottom, there are hand warmer pockets in the quilt and a sleeping pad slips in a bottom pocket. It comes in men’s and women’s 600- and 800-fill DriDown as well as two- and three-season options.  $250–$440;

4. Pavepara Wings

Arm warmers have long been the perfect layer for cyclists, but new brand Pavepara has made the arm warmer sexy. These Merino slip-overs are ideal for anything from yoga to dancing to climbing to the local cruiser ride. Plus, two percent of profits from sales go to bird conservation. $45;

5. Manduka LiveON Yoga Mat

Manduka makes aesthetically pleasing, durable mats from sustainable materials. But those babies cost a pretty penny and can be a bit much to cart all over. The new 5mm LiveON mat stays true to those core values—it’s actually even greener, built with 100-percent reclaimable and recyclable PLUSfoam—while ringing in at a lower price tag for frugal yogis. Plus, it’s light enough for travel. $48-$58;

6. Juil Apollo

Is the band not giving you that tingly feeling in your toes? Maybe you are in the wrong shoes. These classy looking, leather flippy floppies will actaully ground you to Mama Earth via copper alloy plugs underneath your metatarsals that go through the footbed tap into the ground. $79;

7. Lilypond Sunflower Tote

Snuggling in to that comfortable niche between backpack and handbag, this durable tote is just the ticket for everything from festival dance circles to the farmer’s market to a night out on the town. The molded bottom prtoects it from mud or—yuck—sticky floors. $99;

8. Stio Crester Shirt

Festival season is usually too warm for a jacket, but temps can drop at night. The solution? A jacket/shirt built with technical stretch fabric and bolstered with a water-repelling coating, the Crester can handle cool nights dancing in the dark or even a motivated bouldering session in style. $149;

9. Patagonia Bristlecone

The Bristlecone is just a bit beefier than other kick-back mocs, meaning we can chillax in it all day and even head out on short hikes. $140;

10. Drinktanks Steel Growler

What festivarain doesn’t like the idea of being his own private keg party? This stainless steel, vacuum-insulated bad boy is a must have if you like to get hopped up. $45;

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