Born Wild

Born Wild is a film that follows the journeys of three amazing mothers making nature and adventure a priority in their children’s lives. Brooke Froelich (30), Morgan Brechler (25) and Shannon Robertson (28) share their appreciation for wild spaces with their kids through camping, rock climbing and hiking. These moms have amassed tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, using social media to showcase their active outdoor parenting approach to motivate other families to get outside and play.

“These women inspire me because of how proactive they are with bringing their kids outdoors and how they choose to share it with other people. When we see what’s possible, I think we take on more ourselves,” said Aly Nicklas, the Boulder-based filmmaker behind the project.

Children today spend more time indoors and in front of screens than any other generation in history. According to a recent study released by Common Sense Media, a nonprofit children’s advocacy group, American middle schoolers and high schoolers now spend  6 and 9 hours a day respectively on screen time outside of school work. Being constantly plugged-in is linked to problems with obesity, socialization, academic performance and attention deficit disorder.

The mission of Born Wild is simple: empower parents to raise kids who are connected with wilderness and natural spaces. Direct exposure to nature throughout childhood is essential for healthy physical, emotional and spiritual development.

“I had parents that took me on crazy adventures as a kid. They raised me in Alaska and it has absolutely shaped so much of who I am, what I care about and how I choose to live my life, which I think are all really positive things,” said Nicklas. “At the core of why I’m doing this is because I care about the environment. We are handing this generation a planet that needs a lot of protection. If we don’t raise our children to care about our environment, then they won’t be motivated to understand it or protect it.”

If you believe that outdoor adventures have made you a better, more confident human, consider backing their project on Kickstarter – they only have three days left!

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