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November Beers to Grab and Go

Celebrate the Chill Season

The snow is starting to fly and craft brewers are rolling out creations packed with flavor to help you ward off the chill. Here are four to celebrate with after a day of adventure or maybe just a long eight hours in your cube.

Upslope Brewing Pumpkin Ale
Pumpkin beers are rapidly becoming the darlings of the craft scene with releases selling out long before the leaves drop, so reach for a locally brewed beer from this Boulder brewer in their distinctively subdued cans. Their concoction is brewed with fresh pumpkins, six spices, and delivers a full body taste.

Great Divide Hibernation
When the cold drives you inside, reach for Great Divide’s seasonal winter warmer. Since 1995 their brewers have been lovingly crafting this English Style Old Ale to help bring a glow to your cheeks. The well-balanced hop profile works well with the full malt flavor in this holiday delight.

Stone Coffee Milk Stout
The brewers at San Diego based Stone are known for flavorful beers with attitude and their newest creation delivers on both. This 4.2 percent creation offers up a fantastic coffee-loaded punch that’s nicely balanced with a healthy addition of milk sugar. If you are looking for a beer to warm you up but not overload on the alcohol, this one is for you.

Prost Märzen Oktoberfest
Why head to Germany for a great Oktoberfest beer when Denver’s Prost brewing is creating authentic award winning Deutschland beers in your own backyard? The Märzen has everything you are looking for—a deep amber color, subtle nose, and a malty taste.

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