Your shades can help save Earth

Bajio (the sunglasses company focused on environmental advocacy and sustainability) has launched a partnership with Oceanus, A.C. (Quintana Roo, MX-based non-profit organization focused on developing projects for the conservation of coral reefs) and artist Piper Nunn to join forces to help save the coral reefs of Xcalak, Mexico, one coral at a time.

Why are they doing it?

“In Xcalak, The Great Mayan Reef is only a few hundred yards from the beach and is a critical part of the habitat we fish. A healthy reef means a healthy fish population, so we want to do our part to protect and renew it” said Al Perkinson, founder of Bajío Sunglasses.

This restoration program was originally developed by Oceanus, A.C., and it focuses on constructing coral nurseries and the transplantation of thousands of colonies a year. But it’s not just grabbing random coral and sticking it in the waters of Xcalak. The work being done goes far beyond that – including identifying genetic material from healthy donor patches to increase diversity in restoration sites. Through this diversity, the program promotes resilience, ultimately fostering natural resistance of coral populations to local stressors – including those caused by climate change.

Nuun – fisheries biologist and designer of the art featured on both frames – shares, “I wanted to create designs based around coral reefs. Because Permit are dependent on coral for habitat, I wanted to portray the stark reality that without coral reefs, there are no Permit”.

How are they doing it? 

With the power of the people – so listen up!

With every purchase of the Nato Permit Tail or Balam Coral Reef frames from Bajío’s newly launched Temples of Change collection, a $20 donation is made to Oceanus, A.C., and one coral colony is planted and maintained. Each coral will grow up to five square meters, helping to restore vital ocean populations critical for fish habitat – critical habitat that is home to a plethora of ocean life like tarpon, permit, sharks, moray eels, sponges and so much more.

Want to get involved?

Pop over to Bajio’s Temples of Change, pick your favorite pair, and put your money where your mouth is. Supporting the project won’t just put a fresh pair of high quality, solid performance sunnies on your face – it supports an entire ecosystem.

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