The canyon’s gentle greeting caresses my cold cheeks and rustles through my hair. It’s carried by the whisper of a slow breeze—over the snowcapped mountain tops in the distance, along the smooth red rock canyon walls that surround me, and through the magnificent arches—leaving just as softly as it arrived. Try as it might, the sun’s welcome blanket of warmth provides little relief from the cold winter day, but I appreciate the gesture, just the same. I don’t dare speak my goodbyes for fear of ruining it all. Instead, I sit. Breathing in the still air, silently giving thanks to the sun, and remembering every single reason that I fight for public lands and against climate change. If you need a little reminder of what an important part of the good fight you are, visit your nearest national park. Like everyone, the national parks could use a friendly hello and good cheering up this year.

Photo Location: Canyonlands National Park

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