Postcards From the Weekend: Fire in the Sky

In small mountain towns, the morning sunrise is nature’s greatest production. The morning sun teases at first, casting diffused light over and around the tops of mountains. And ever so slowly, building mounds of anticipation and suspense along the way, the fiery ball triumphantly crests over the trees and conquers the highest peak to bring light to the stirring valley below. For a moment, vibrant bursts of orange and deep reds shoot out across the horizon before the curtain begins to close, the drama ceases, the blue sky appears, and the people below make their way out into the light to start their day.

Photo Location: Crested Butte, Colorado.

Postcards From the Weekend is our weekly photo series showcasing images and stories from our adventurous and outdoor-loving contributors at Elevation Outdoor Magazine. Follow along and see where our team of adventure-seekers like to spend their weekends. 


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