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Postcards From the Weekend: Unplugged

Last week, I embarked on an adventure that was long overdue — I took a vacation. And not just any vacation, but one of those vacations where the sunshine is unlimited and colorful margaritas seem to manifest out of nowhere. The kind of vacation where there’s always a pool offering reprieve from the heat, and busy street-side patios begging for your attention. Taking some time for myself was exactly what I needed. But after I’d slathered on the last bit of sunscreen, hiked the last bit of trail, drank the last bit of tequila and boarded a plane back home, I realized that I never really needed to travel anywhere at all to hit the reset button. All I needed was to simply just unplug.

Photo Location: Scottsdale, Arizona.

Postcards From the Weekend is our weekly photo series showcasing images and stories from our adventurous and outdoor-loving contributors at Elevation Outdoor Magazine. Follow along and see where our team of adventure-seekers like to spend their weekends. 

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