The heat has been unbearable; relentless in its pursuit to drain my body of any semblance of energy or drive to spend time in it. For weeks, I’ve been an air conditioning junkie. I emerge from the comfort of my cool home in the mornings long enough to hop on two wheels and race the rising sun. But today, the air is cool, and the clouds are forgiving. The trail from Long Lake to Lake Isabelle is veiled with shade and for the first time in awhile I’m wearing long sleeves. The damp morning air is calm, but I push through it, moving my feet faster and faster the farther along the trail I get. It’s a foot race to the base of the Indian Peaks today; the rain clouds matching my pace as they drift in, up over the grimacing facade of the iconic peaks, engulfing the tips of the jagged ridgeline as they go. As I crest the last hill and descend into the valley towards the shores of Lake Isabelle, so too do the dark clouds — threatening to shower me with rain if I stay. So I take a deep breath, and let the sweet smell of the mountain air sink into my lungs and mind. Small drops of rain brush against my face as I sauver every last wildflower and colorful reflection in the lake before I go. Back at the trailhead, the menacing clouds have surrendered, giving way to streaks of sunshine. For the first time in weeks, I welcome the return of the sun.

Photo Location: Indian Peaks Wilderness

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