Gear Spotlight: Patagonia Great Divider 26L

I’m a notorious “over-packer”, according to my husband, who reminds me every time we hit the road. As a past camp counselor and current mother of two, I know how important it is to be prepared. From extra socks to a spare reel, I tend to bring a little extra for those unexpected moments…and I’m ok with that! 

Thankfully, there’s gear out there to help dial in my urge to pack everything plus the kitchen sink – like Patagonia’s Great Divider (26L)

Why we love it

Spacious, yet organized 

To really break this bag in, we took the Great Divider on a 10-day fishing road trip from southern Colorado to the Gulf Coast. This bag held everything we needed for several days on the water, including reels, leader/mono, flies, first aid kit, lighters, and even a journal and extra flash lights. 


The Great Divider is equipped with rugged, extremely water-resistant material including 14.4-oz nylon with a PU coating on the face and a TPU coating on the backer (outer shell); 3-oz 200-denier polyester with a PU coating (inner lining); and 4.5-oz polyester hydrophobic mesh strap. This bag also showcases Patagonia’s dedication to sustainable materials, featuring 100% recycled nylon fabric and webbing and it is Fair Trade Certified™ sewn.


Patagonia has had few Great Dividers in the past, but this latest version is by far my new favorite. The ‘fit & finish’ on this gear hauler is dialed in from the lightly-padded compartment dividers to several zipper sections available for small-item storage. The bag also features rod holder loops and a fly patch on the top outer panel, a shoulder strap and two side handles for carry options and easy grabbing and a magnetic closure clip to keep it secure when not fully zipped.

Where to find it

Depending on the supply chain, you can pick up your very own on the Patagonia website for $299 (latest update on availability is late October, 2021).  

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