3 Reasons Your Family Needs an E-Bike

In the time of a global pandemic, we dialed-back our far-off travels and ramped-up our close-to-home adventures. Consequently, our hiking miles increased, but biking miles straggled quite a bit. Needless to say, a lot of baby backpack wearing and trail-treat-coaxing occurred. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy hiking! On the contrary, I love that our kiddos love a good summit. But, while I love hiking with our family, I missed our typical hike/bike balance. We needed a solution.

Finally, after countless hikes, I had the opportunity to check out the IZIP Vibe 2.0 – and it was THE answer to diversifying our ‘round-town family adventuring!

The Vibe 2.0 Step Thru is the cruiser of your dreams. It allows for a comfortable up-right posture when riding, features a powerful Bosch battery and drive system (with 4 speed options – including “off” to get a serious leg exercise in) and sports a built-in rack for all the baby or bag carrying your heart could desire! 

If you’re considering the addition of an e-bike to your cycling quiver, here are three reasons your family might just need to make it happen!

Kid-Friendly Adventuring

My favorite feature on this bike has to be the kid-friendliness of the rig. The Vibe 2.0 can carry kids via child seat or pull them via trailer. Thanks to the built-in rack, we are able to attach the new Burley Designs Dash RM (Rack Mount) for daily cruises. For family grocery runs and questionable weather trail rides, we attach the Burley D’Lite for our little one and use the North Street Bags Convertible Backpack Pannier for groceries. I really appreciate how easy it is to pull the cargo/kid carrier (thanks to the various speed settings) and how much our youngest loves sitting in the bike seat yelling “faster, faster”!

Great for Quick Adventures

The Bosch Active Line motor on the Vibe 2.0 features 40Nm of torque and can reach speeds up to 20mph. With speeds that high, quick cruises around the neighborhood, along the bike path or to the grocery store are super easy. When pedaling our local bike paths, I cycle through each of the speed settings for different situations. My particular favorite is Turbo. It’s a great boost when you’re in a hurry or when riding uphill. I also like the Eco setting for cruising around at a consistent speed and still getting some great leg exercise.

It’s Fun & User-Friendly

Getting into an e-bike can be intimidating, but not with this IZIP rig. First and foremost, I was pleasantly surprised by its ease of use. Just like any bike, all you do is jump on the saddle and pedal. The only extra step is to press the “on” button on the handlebar computer. Of course, the bike works without being turned “on”, it just doesn’t have the battery assist. Speaking of the battery, it is super easy to install/remove (and features a lock to deter wrong-doers) and has a great range. I traveled over 40 miles on one charge and with a pannier on, I can bring the charger with me anywhere I ride just in case I need to commute or travel further than expected. 

The Vibe 2.0 has been a great option for staying active with the kids and running errands around town. Also, if numbers are your game, you can track speed and miles via the on-board handlebar computer. But if simply riding a fun bike is on your to-do list, the IZIP is a great option!

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