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Silver Rush 50 Weekend Entices 1,200 Endurance Athletes to Leadville

The Silver Rush 50 hosted 600+ runners and 500+ cyclists – representing 47 states and 5 countries – this past weekend (July 10-11) in Leadville, Colorado. The Silver Rush 50 is one of many events in the Leadville Race Series, a decades-old series (now produced by Life Time Inc.) that “stretches from New York to California and hosts thousands of racers on foot and in the saddle”. 

The Run

On Saturday, July 10, participants endured the Silver Rush 50 Run, a 50-mile event, routing through extreme territory with elevations ranging from 10,200 to 12,000 feet on four separate occasions.

Women’s 50-mile:

1st – Lindsey Herman, 23, of Gunnison, CO 

2nd – Blake Wageman, 35, of Conifer, CO 

3rd – Letitia Dusich, 40, of Colorado Springs, CO

Women’s 15-mile (Silver Rush 15-mile Run):

1st – Amelia Shea, 31, of Denver, CO

2nd – Haley Zipperer, 27, of Breckenridge, CO

3rd – Jacquie Mannhard, 36, of Boulder, CO

Men’s 50-mile:

1st – Scott Spillman, 35, of Denver, CO

2nd – Christopher Hammes, 29, of Durango, CO

3rd – Patrick Cade, 37, of Leadville, CO

Men’s 15-mile:

1st – Sean Herring, 31, of Denver, CO

2nd – Will Mathiowdis, 29, of Highlands, NC

3rd – Kory Cool, 34, of Manhattan, KS

For more details, visit the results page.

The Ride

This year’s Stages Cycling Silver Rush 50 MTB included hundreds of riders fighting for first place along a technical out-and-back course routed through mountain views and a historic mining district. The sold out event included riders ranging in age from 15 to 67, pedaling nearly 8,000 feet of elevation gain over the course of the 50-mile race.

Women’s 50-mile

1st – Kate McLaughlin, 33, of Golden, CO

2nd – Tracy Paradise, 47, of Victoria, MN

3rd – Nicole Martin, 33, of Vail, CO

Women’s 15-mile (Silver Rush 15 Mile MTB)

1st – Amelia Shea, 31, of Denver, CO

2nd – Christina Briseno, 51 of Leadville, CO

3rd – Hillary Schmidt, 30, of Frisco, CO

Men’s 50-mile

1st – Jimmy Smith, 27, of Boulder, CO

2nd – Brian Elander, 20, of Evergreen, CO

3rd Ryan Petry, 30, of Boulder, CO

Men’s 15-mile

1st – Sean Herring, 31, of Denver, CO

2nd – Matt Cairns, 16, of Leadville, CO

3rd – Peter Monko, 41, of Chicago, IL

For more details, visit the results page.

Up Next

The next Leadville Race Series run event is the Leadville Trail 10K (August 15), followed by the  legendary Leadville Trail 100 Run (aka “Race Across the Sky”) presented by La Sportiva (August 21-22).

Up next on the cycling front for the Leadville Race Series is the Tahoe Trail MTB (July 17), followed by the Stages Cycling Leadville Stage Race (July 30 – August 1). 

Photos courtesy of Life Time, Inc.

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