During winter time, much of Norway is usually transformed into what could be a snowball battlefield. Most everything is covered in snow and it can get crazy cold. In the lower inland areas, both in the southern and northern parts of Norway, they  have very low mean temperatures in winter. Temperatures even reach below 40° F in the inner areas of Norway. Now, this is maybe an extreme example of freezing in Norway but I am using it to explain to you one important thing: Norwegians know the true meaning of cold. So, when Bergans of Norway designs winter clothing they have to meet a mighty high expectation of what it takes to be warm.

There are two jackets by Bergans of Norway that I have had some great experiences with, which are the Hitra and the Osen. Both jackets have Windproof Tecnowool® by Pontetorto. I tested it in heavy winds while rock climbing and hiking. I loved how I didn’t get too hot but was still well-protected from the hustling wind. I used these jackets in the snow and even in the down-pouring rain, being completely unfazed. While rock climbing, I chicken winged (jamming your elbow and your palm in a body-width crack) my way up. There were no damages to the jacket which showed its durability. There is one more important concept about wool: compared to the uber lightweight jackets which are popular on the market, wool has a comforting feel to it. I compare it to sitting around the fire snuggled with a nice blanket. It tactilely feels better than a jacket that feels and looks like a trash bag.

Wool coats can be bulky but Bergans of Norway has a good eye for what looks beautiful on a woman and also knows how to make it comfortable. The jackets contour the body and actually have suitably long sleeves. The array of colors offered are stunning and sure to have at least one choice that satisfies anyone’s favorite color palette.

The Hitra has detailed seam lines that flatter the body, giving a stream lined yet curvaceous look. It has an adjustable hood, three pockets lined with microfleece and can be adjusted at the hips. It zips all the way up to your chin, protecting the throat. It does not have a liner which means it is important to wear another layer underneath or you will be itchy and totally regret it.

The Osen is an incredible pairing of the Tecnowool®  and durable, wind- and water-repellent Pertex® Quantum fabric which protects the high quality 90/10 down fill with 700 cuin. Down is placed around the bodies core area, the hood and neck, along with the shoulders for fast insulation. The down hood makes your head feel like it has a poofy cloud around it which is quite dreamy. The rest of the outer part is Tecnowool® which makes it perfect for rock climbing and other potentially rough outings. The Osen is mostly lined with Nylon and has a microfleece lining for the collar so it does not present any itchiness. It has three pockets, adjustable hood and can be adjusted at the hips.

I would choose the Osen over the Hitra because it is not itchy, has a unique appeal because of the dual combination of wool/down and it is a perfect all-around jacket. I have had people stop me to say how much they like it. It’s tough enough to take on adventures and pretty enough to take out on the town. It’s the jacket I never want to take off and fortunately because I live in Colorado, I can always find somewhere chilly enough to wear it!