Friday, February 7, Steve House will read from his new book, Training for the New Alpinism, at the Boulder Patagonia store (1212 Pearl) with his friend and co-author, Scott Johnston.

House is widely known for his light-and-fast style of alpine climbing, an art he’s practiced with many, including Coloradoan, Vince Anderson. Anderson and House won the Piolet d’Or (alpinism’s international prize given to the most significant achievement in the mountains that year) in 2005 and continue to climb around the globe, pushing the standards for pure, stripped-down ascents.

Johnston, of Mazama, Washingston, is a coach for international-caliber Nordic skiers and a highly accomplished alpinist in his own right.

http_photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net_hphotos-ak-prn2_t1_1800410_644923685575198_1644612488_nTraining spans more than 400 pages, offering training insights for everybody from enthusiasts chasing 14’ers to those wishing to climb in the greater ranges. House and Johnston apply the latest training theories to the varied and unique demands of the alpine realm.

Drop by at 7 p.m. to learn the craft from the best there is. The book comes out later in the month and should be a go-to primer for alpine athletes. I haven’t gotten to crack it yet, but given there are essays by Ueli Steck, Mark Twight, Will Gadd, and Voytek Kurtyka, it’s gonna be a fun read. Come check it out!