I admit it. I could eat way healthier than I do. I know where every Dairy Queen is between Boulder and Moab. I once drove five hours out of my way to hit the Lotus of Siam in Vegas. I just did a taste-test between cookies from Tee and Cakes, Dish Gourmet, and The Cup. (I said Dish won; my wife thought The Cup was it. Your call.) Anyway, I’m food-addicted.

As I just turned 41, I suppose it’s time to cut out a bit of the junk and mix in a few more fruits, veggies, and what not. Enter the Kale-Beet Blizzard. While dining out with an a-list crew at Pizzeria Locale (yeah, pizza…but great pizza), my bud Lindsay Yaw told us of her morning smoothie recipe (see below). I listened in horror; the idea of beets, kale, and apple-cider vinegar in the same concoction had me flustered…but I gotta say, after three mornings with it, I kinda like it. Read below for the full recipe and give ‘er a shot. Lindsay promised me I’m going to live to be 143 if I drink this thing regularly.

Don’t let the recipe fool you–this thing’s actually pretty good


1 beet (we quarter ’em and steam a bunch for the week)

1 apple

1 cup (ish) blueberries (we use frozen)

1 Cup (ish) strawberries (sometimes we use these, sometimes not)

1 banana

thumb of ginger

hot pepper (dash of cayenne)

handful of chopped spinach and kale

2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

protein powder of choice (I use rice protein)

dollop of peanut butter

So there you have it, Lindsay’s Kale-Beet Blizzard. We use Greek yogurt in place of the rice protein and almond butter instead of peanut. Let me know if you can take it. With all this positive mojo going, maybe I’ll start life-coaching and doing aerobics or something. Or not. Enjoy!