Don’t delay: the snow is melting and pretty soon it’s “just” rock routes and barbeques. Maybe you’re already there, but if you’re still looking for a snow slog, mixed route, or alpine adventure with a little snow for fun…then the clock’s a-tickin’!

We got up on the North Ridge of Mount Toll last weekend–a fun route, 5.6, with some mellow snow slopes on the approach, and plenty of loose rock to keep your alpine vibe going. Some give it an “S”, but we found gear enough to keep the nerves subdued. Gorgeous views, too!

Our dust layer isn’t anywhere near as bad as the Marble-Butte-San Juans zones, so our snowpack is hanging around a bit longer. The Cross Couloir on Mount Holy Cross is still full of snow, but there’s a waterfall mid-route and cohesionless snow at the top. Conditions are sloppy. Beware!

Let me know what you find out there and enjoy the last days of snow. Although, come to think of it, we saw some pretty deep debris piles up there near Toll…chunky enough they may not melt out by fall. Climate change thwarted? Ah, if only…