Let’s Beat a Dead Horse–Ibis Scores Again

I initially thought, “You can’t do another Ibis-focused post; you just did one.” But then again, it’s my blog and there’s a reason I have the urge, say six times a year, to write some lathered-up, fawning post on the latest-greatest-genius thing the Ibis crowd has done: they rule.

Consider: Ibis offered the first drop top-tube road frame years before anyone else had. Naturally the market scoffed and rejected it. For some reason it took Marco Pantani to popularize the design. When the Italians created tubesets called “Brain” and “Genius,” Ibis gave the world “Moron”–as in, more steel on the ends. When another brand went overboard with Hawaiian-inspired bike names, Ibis countered with the legendary ‘cross frame, the “Hakkalugi.”

Scot Nicol and Ibis are to the cycling world what Pat Buchanan is to conservatives and Scott Horton is to progressives–less tagline and more manifesto; less sound-bite and more symphony; a full-blown aesthetic instead of a one-shot flashy logo.

Full disclosure–Nicol is one of my best friends and yes, last time I bought a mountain bike he gave me a deal on a carbon Mojo. Now you know and if this colors your perception of this post, or changes your mind on the following, then I encourage you to put me and my minuscule universe out of your consciousness and judge upon merit solely.

Ibis has just redesigned its website and instead of linking to the latest huck-gnar vidz, or wham-blam-trail-test BS, they’ve articulated the Ibis vibe with the watercolor artwork of Chris McNally.

A Chris McNally original–copyrighted by artist and Ibis Cycles.

Bravo, Ibis, McNally, and all of you who love the mountains, canyons, and beautiful places…Yes! The bike world, maybe the world in general, needs more of this understated gorgeosity and less Sarah Palin and Keith Olbermann. In the timeless words of Chuck Ibis: Ride More, Work Less…and let the world be a better place. I added the last bit…but you get the point. Enjoy.

Another McNally, copyrighted by the artist.
Visit for more. All art copyrighted by artist.

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