There is a god. That’s the only explanation for getting another day of the goods with Vail Powder Guides. Tomorrow is another throw-down with the American Mountain Guides Association. Every year the AMGA contracts VPG to go find the goods, getting board members, guides, and supporters together for stellar day on Vail Pass. Last year’s edition was a little snow-challenged, but with a bunch of recent precip and more forecast for Thursday/Friday, I am expecting awesome turns tomorrow.

There’s great terrain within VPG’s tenure on Vail Pass. Those of you who have skied in and around the Fowler-Hilliard Hut know what I’m talking about. Without a sled or cat, though, it’s a bit of schlep for a day tour. Ptarmigan Peak, Resolution Bowl, Machine Gun Ridge…there’s a lot of fun, safe skiing back there.

Tomorrow the avalanche danger might tick up a bit from today’s “considerable” rating in the Vail/Summit zone. A few more inches tonight and winds in the 15-25mph range might have us playing it conservative tomorrow, but with a cat full of guides (lifetime AMGA-member Kyle Lefkoff, Joey “The Matador” Thompson from Colorado Mountain School and Amos Whiting from Aspen Expeditions), a bunch of experienced participants, and Ben and Jenna from VPG, we’ll be in good hands.

Stay tuned for pics from what I hope is going to be my first really, really good day of the year. God willing.