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Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Summer has finally sprung. The temps are rising, the mountains are green, and camping season is finally upon us. So as you dig out all of your gear and start planning your escape from the asphalt jungle, maybe you should pick up a six-pack of one of the newer entries into the crowded Front Range beverage scene. No, I am not talking about the myriad of IPA’s that surface this time of year like summer wildflowers. I am talking about one of the stranger products I have ever seen.

Fresh from Small Town Brewery in Wauconda, Illinois, is “Not Your Father’s Root Beer” a 5.9% spiced dark Ale. Confused? Don’t feel bad. Most people are when first faced with this interesting entry into the beer market. No, it is not a flavored malt beverage like Mikes Hard Lemonade or Smirnoff Ice. It really is an actual beer. And it’s pretty damn good.

Root Beer 1

Utilizing a fruit-based recipe that consists of specific herbs, flowers, and fruits instead of hops, Small Town has created a unique product previously unseen in the Rocky Mountains. A beer that tastes like old-fashioned root beer. When you first crack the crown on a bottle of this brew, the vanilla scent hits you immediately. It pours into a pint glass pitch-black with a medium head (not a thick of one as you would get from real root beer). Your first taste will have you looking at the bottle not believing this is an actual brewed beer, it tastes just like a glass of good soda. It is refreshing and tasty. Keep this locked up if you have young kids, they won’t be able to tell they are drinking beer.

It has a rating on Beeradvocate of 96 out of 100, a score most beers never even sniff at.

It definitely is a novelty item, I could not see myself drinking more than one of these, and the sweetness would catch up with you in a hurry. But, it is a refreshing twist on the normal desert drinks. I bet if you put a scoop of ice cream in it you would have one ridiculous float.

So as you load up the car to head out into the great unknown toss a sixer of this into the cooler. I promise that when you break it out around the campfire your fiends wont know what to make of it. They probably will give you a funny look, until they have a sip, then they will break out a smile that’s worthy of summer fun.

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