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Liliko’i Kepolo, the Nectar of the Gods?

After what seems like an eternity of rainfall that seems never-ending—Coloradans are certainly spoiled by our sunshine—it’s time to break out a beer inspired by the islands. And put on our hula-skirts while dancing to the Tiki gods, praying for some sun.

Liliko’i Kepolo (Hawaiian for passion fruit devil) is Avery Brewing Company’s first new addition to their lineup since moving earlier this year to their new state-of-art brewery in Gunbarrel. With their increased capacity, and new high tech canning line, they are able to finally able to roll out some taproom favorites their loyal customers have been pining for for years. Created in 2010, by brewer Andy Parker as homage to the fruit beers he had grown to love in Hawaii, it was an instant hit at the taproom.

“We continually were running out due to customer demands and the fact that the brewers kept drinking it after work,” says Seth Talmon of Avery. “Customers kept asking for it to be packaged, but we were struggling just to make enough of our other beers, there was no way we could can it.”

When Parker first brewed it as part of Avery’s “Special Projects” he searched for fresh passion fruit to flavor his beer with. “My thinking was that I should brew the plainest wheat beer possible so the passion fruit would really shine. But we didn’t have a pilot system at our old brewery, so the only wheat beer I had available was our White Rascal, which is not a plain beer. It uses an estery Belgian yeast strain and is spiced with orange peel and coriander, but adding liliko’i to that complex of a beer was actually amazing. It was a good brewing lesson—sometimes your preconceptions aren’t correct and you just have to play around,” says Parker.

When you crack open a bright-blue can of this beer the Tiki on the front seems to be daring you to not like the liquid inside. But then the overwhelming aroma of passion fruit hits your nose, instantly transporting you to the beach. OK, maybe not the beach, but it does remind you of sunnier times. The sweetness you taste blends nicely with the tartness of the fruit. At 5.4% ABV it wont knock you on your backside if you have a couple of these refreshing barley-pops.

It really is an amazing good beer, even better right now while you gloomily stare out the window at the rain falling, wishing the summer sun were here. But fear not soon you will be sweating while we play outside, wishing for a quick afternoon shower to cool us off. So grab a four-pack and get ready for the rain to leave.

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