Booze News: This Roadhouse Rocks

Sometimes a surprise is just what you need. For me it was the first sip of Family Vacation, a crisp cream ale from Roadhouse Brewing Company, it shocked my system in a wonderfully wistful way. I, like many of my friends, have been suffering from beer fatigue brought about by the ever-expanding selection of “fresh and new” craft breweries that seem to be popping up in grocery and liquor stores across the Mile High State.

The moment the brew hit my tongue I felt my system perk up. A slight hop kick was perfectly balanced against a mild malt backbone. It reminded me of some of the better Belgian beers I have sipped when on vacation in Europe. I had to take a moment and look at the can in my hand and wondered who made this beer and why had I not heard of them before.

Well it turns out Roadhouse is a relatively new entrant to the Colorado market and their beers are just starting to get noticed. Hailing from Jackson Hole the brewery is the brainchild of an award winning chef, Gavin Fine, and a long time beer nerd who got his start working at Dogfish Head at sixteen-years old, Colby Cox. Started in 2012 with the avowed purpose of creating beers that pair perfectly with food they brewery focuses on churning out beers that are both flavorful but not overwhelming like so many new offering are these days.

Even their beer can labels seem to radiate their laidback approach to beer. A simple image paired with the beers name dominates a plain white background. It conveys the confidence that they have in their beer. No fancy names, explosions of color, or other gimmicks are needed. No, inside these cans is just good beer.

Besides the aforementioned Family Vacation they also offer three other beers full time in cans. Their Trout Whistle is a tasty Pale Ale that is crisp and clean with just the right amount of flavors. Two big bodied IPA’s Wilson and The Walrus both weigh in with ABV’s above 7.5% and deliver a complex layering of tastes that are sure to please even the most finicky of hop heads. Besides that they also offer a rotating seasonal that swings between a smooth sipping Saison and a funky hazy IPA.

So if you are looking for a well-crafted beer that should put a smile on your face grab a six-pack of Roadhouse the next time you are out.

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