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Booze News: Sanitas Brewing to the Rescue

In mid-March, if you listened carefully, a collective groan went up across the state of Colorado. That’s because bars and taprooms shut their doors, depriving the draft beer-loving public access to the taps that poured forth the golden goodness so loved here. For a state with one of the highest percentages of draught beer sales in the nation, almost 16%, according to the Beer Institute, packaged beer was nice, but we craved our pints of beer.

Sanitas Brewing Company recognized its consumer’s pain and decided to act. Their expansive tasting room located right next to the train tracks in East Boulder, long a popular meetup spot, could easily be adapted into a Covid-19 safe place. The large deck off the back could be the anchor for a much larger area for drinkers to sip with peace of mind.

Their landlord gave them the okay, and they set to work dramatically expanding the seating area. To ensure customer ease in ordering, they brought in a shipping container that was transformed into an outside bar with four taps pouring their award-winning beers. That, coupled with their indoor taps, means that visitors now can sample from up to twenty-one different brews during a visit.

The large selection of tables and chairs scattered throughout the over 8,000 square feet offers plenty of areas to practice social distancing. Plus, the large retractable overhead sail shades provide relief from the sun when needed.  Even better, their long-term partnership with McDevitt Taco Supply means that tasty grub is always available.

As many other breweries struggle to figure out how to reopen in a manner that ensures customers’ safety, and ease of mind, it seems that Sanitas has figured it out. No longer do you have to dream of sipping a freshly poured beer. Just head to Boulder and enjoy one on one of the largest outdoor taprooms in the state. 

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