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Booze News: Pour Me a Breckenridge Brewery Beer

As one of the oldest craft breweries’ in the state of Colorado, it’s safe to say that Breckenridge Brewery has a pretty good idea about what matters most to its consumers. While tasty beer is a priority for them, more so is the health of the numerous wildlands and outdoor areas where people play. So, it’s good to see them team up for a second year in a row with National Parks Conservation Association to roll out their Pint for Parks program.  

Now we know some of you are probably rolling your eyes right now, remembering your vow’s to never purchase their beers again after their sale to AB InBev several years ago. Look, we get it, but we also recognize that during these unprecedented times, non-profits need more help than ever. This is a chance to do just that all by having a cold one.

From now through September, they are donating a portion of the proceeds from every pint of their beer poured across the United States. Last year the program raised $40,000 for the NPCA. This year they will be hard-pressed to match that number due to the large number of venues where draft beer would be flowing if not for the shutdowns across the country.

To help make the program a success this year, they decided to team up with Colorado artist Andrew Hoffman again. This year they are offering to seven different painted pint glasses, each one highlighting a different National Park. This year’s selection is Joshua Tree, Padre Island, Dry Tortugas, Delaware Water Gap, Cuyahoga Valley, Ozark, Grand Canyon, and our very own Rocky Mountain.

So, the next time you find yourself in a spot where you can order a cold one on tap, you might want to ask if they are pouring any Breck. Their beer is still pretty tasty, their Mountain Beach Session Sour is perfect after a day of sweat, and you will be helping protect the lands that we all love to play in.  

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