Booze News: One Time Only

Colorado beer lovers are about to have access to one of the most sought-after beers in America, and we can thank the Covid-19 lockdown for our good luck. Finally, something good to come from all of this.

When Alchemist Beer first launched in a small brewpub in a corner of Vermont in 2003, their founders Jen and John Kimmich sought to create their own unique take on an IPA. Eschewing the conventional wisdom of the time they decided to not filter their beer. Little did they know that their creation would birth a whole new style of beer, one that would spread like wildfire across the United States.  

Yes, the New England Style IPA, that cloudy, smooth, fruit filled glass of goodness was first tapped by them. But here is where the story gets interesting. Ever the contrarian’s they decided to keep their operation small and only sell their beer in Vermont. As much as people begged them to expand outside the Green Mountain State’s borders they declined. If you wanted to grab a taste you would have to come to them or beg a friend to bring you a can or two back from vacation.

Well, due to the shutdowns in Vermont they have a surplus of their two flagship beers (Heady Topper one of the top ranked beers in the world, and Focal Banger a beast of a Double IPA) that need to be sold. So, they are going to offer a one-time only distribution to a select few markets and Colorado is one of them.

This week only certain liquor stores will get a limited allotment from Crooked Stave Distributing. Once they are sold there will be no more. So, reach out to your favorite store and see if they are getting any, if so, drop what you are doing and go buy a few, this chance will not come back around again. In seventeen years, they have never been sold outside of Vermont.

Then crack a can, inhale the aroma’s, and take a sip from two beers that many have called the best in the world.  

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