Gear Your Adventure Dog Wants

Our family started as a family of four – two adventure humans and two adventure dogs. While we’ve grown since the first “fur-kid” joined our pack, we still have our nearly 11-year old cattle dog and his younger sister and we still take them on family adventures. To make those adventures happen successfully, we bring along some critical pieces of gear. Here are some of our favorite dog-specific gear that your dog is sure to want!

Mountainsmith K9 Cube

How do you pack your dogs‘ gear? We used to toss their leashes randomly into the truck, toys/accessories into a random tote bag and stash their ziplock bag full of food anywhere we thought they wouldn’t dig into it as we drove down the road. Now, we use the Mountainsmith K9 Cube. The Cube includes two waterproof-lined food/water bowls and a roll-top food bag they can’t break into. The interior is very spacious with a top zipper pocket and internal divider; and the side pocket is large enough to fit an extra-large Nalgene for their water refill in camp.

Vapur EZ Lick Foldable Dog Bottle

When we’re biking or hiking with the pups, we always bring extra water. The Vapur Dog Bottle carries .7L of water and features a clip to easily carry on a backpack. My favorite feature is the lick-activated PupCap, so we don’t need to bring a bowl along. The bottle is made with thin, but durable, dishwasher safe BPA-free plastic, so it’s safe and easy to stash when empty/easy to clean for the next adventure.

Ruffwear Dog Leashes

I have to admit, we probably own as many leashes as we do dog toys – which is a lot – and just about all of those leashes are made by Ruffwear. Their Knot-A-Leash, Roamer Bungee Leash and Crag Reflective Leash are our three favorites. For around-town walks, we use the simple Knot-A-Leash. It’s reflective, features a locking carabiner and it’s the the perfect length for short walks. On more dynamic outings (i.e., trail running), the Roamer Bungee Leash is a more dynamic leash that is adjustable and can be worn around your waist. And finally, if the dogs need to be on-leash in camp, we use the Crag Reflective Leash. It’s reflective for increased visibility and it can range between 3.5 feet and 6 feet in length, letting us decide just how much distance the pups have to roam.

Chaco Dog Collars

If there was any way to equip our pups with Chaco sandals, we would! But, in the meantime, we’ll stick with collars. The Chaco Dog Collar is super-durable (trust us, our dogs put it through mud, snow, bramble and more and they’re still in great condition) and I love the color options – you can also make custom collars and leashes to match!

Ruffwear Climate Changer Fleece

Our dogs like to roam when we’re in camp and while I’m comfortable with that, I also like knowing I can find them quickly. The Ruffwear Climate Changer Fleece is a zip-up layer with reflective lines and an additional tab for a clip-on light. Our cattle dogs stay cozy in cool weather and we have some peace of mind while they roam.

Qalo Custom Dog Tag

If there is one thing that can instantly wake me up, it’s the sound of a dog tags breaking the silence of the night with a metallic clang, clash, jingle. Thankfully, there’s the Qalo Custom Dog Tag. Made from silicone, these tags are durable, easy to clean, scratch resistant and pretty much silent. With your dog’s name on once side, you can customize the other (with up to 6 lines of engraved text).

NiteIze SpotLit Collar Lights

For post-sunset adventures, we always carry a few NiteIze SpotLit Collar Lights. The lights feature a small metal clip to easily attach onto our dogs’ collars and they come in a variety of colors. They also have a solid glow and flash modes with batter life lasting from 20-25 hours, are super light and have proven to be very weather resistant.

Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed

After a long day on the trail or the road, we want our pooches to be as cozy as possible. The Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed is a two-in-one setup which makes it perfect for at home and on the go. When we travel, we pull the removelable Travel Pad and leave the Home Base at home. The dogs love its comfort and I love how easy it is to clean.

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