Gear Spotlight: Klymit Everglow Light Tube

If there is one thing our family truly enjoys this time of year, it’s camping. While camping in the heart of summer is always fun, there’s just something special about the moment warm days start transitioning to cooler nights, that really brings out our love for nights under the stars. With that transition, though, also comes shorter days and a need for solid light sources earlier in the evening.  

Now, if you were to search for something like “camping lights” online, you’ll quickly find that there are a lot of lighting solutions on the market. And, if I’m being honest, our storage bins have a solid number of them. But, while at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show earlier last month, I found one that is new, innovative at eye-catching: the Klymit Everglow Light Tube.

Why we love it

Easy to use

Easy is an understatement. The Everglow comes in a handy little bag and features an inflation valve. All you have to do is unroll, inflate, and plug into a USB power source. While our kiddos call them their light sabers, I just love having an alternative light source to headlamps for evening illumination!

It gives you options 

We really enjoy the glow of this tube. The Large and Extra Large models have a dimmer switch with 3 lighting options with the brightest maxing out at 270 lumens of white LED that provide a surprisingly warm light. The Large and Extra Large options also have magnetic attachments to easily attach to anything metal. Otherwise, the hypalon carabiner loop works perfectly for use inside tents.

Packable for easy transport

As a mom of two little humans and three wild dogs, we tend to bring a lot of gear. Whether we’re on a quick walk to the river, a day trip, or weeks on the road, mama brings all the things. But, with all those moving parts, space is limited. Thankfully, the Everglow Light Tube packs down/deflates quickly and rolls up into a small carry bag, fitting just about anywhere from the glove compartment to a cup holder to a duffle bag.

Where to find it

Klymit offers the Everglow Light Tube in three different sizes (Regular at $19.95, Large at $29.95, Extra Large at $39.95) on their website at

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