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Full Frontal Freedom Bares All

skis over four girls by wheelie

Born from a “desire to unite all rebels, the overlooked and the renegades” of the winter world,  “Full Frontal Freedom” is the new short film from Colorado-based Wild Barn Coffee

In 2021, the company spread word of a naked ski lap secretly happening after hours at a resort. That day, women and genderqueer individuals were invited to a remote backcountry-only resort to connect over tacos, and live music, and participate in the world’s largest naked ski lap. The result? The launch of Boot Tan Fest, with 27 women skinning uphill in costumes and ski kits and skiing down, baring it all

For the second annual event, the participants grew ten-fold, with over 200 women stripping down on top of the peak and skiing a full backcountry lap bare naked. This is when “Full Frontal Freedom” was born.

With a goal of shifting focus from “hemlines to ridgelines,” as Jenny Verrochi, Founder of Wild Barn Coffee and Boot Tan Fest shares, the event “literally and figuratively strips us down, encouraging a feeling of unbridled collective joy.” She continues, “On top of that peak, amidst ripping skins and shedding layers, a feeling of collective freedom rippled through the naked crowd. The last few years have been especially hard on women. So this space, this event, this day – is for us and “Full Frontal Freedom” captures it all.”

View the “Full Frontal Freedom” trailer on the Wheelie YouTube channel, and mark your calendars for March 13-14, 2023 to join next year’s Boot Tan Fest, the largest all-female backcountry ski and snowboard festival on the planet!

Cover photo courtesy of Wild Barn Coffee, credit: Wheelie

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