Fourteen 14ers

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Fourteen 14ers – Sponsors

When I look in my sock drawer I see the last decade of expeditions in Smartwool socks. Alaska, Europe, Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan – they are all the super thick mountaineering style wool in ascending order of ‘worn-out-ness’.  I’m reminded of the relationships that have developed over that time – professional and personal.  Everything lined [...]...
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Fourteen 14ers – Mt Antero 14,269′

Indifference is why I go to the back country. Time without human measure. My grievances with health, equipment, and judgment bear no consequence to the terrain I enter, only to the fickle rational of my influenced intellect. Mt Antero has a 4×4 road almost to the top. Zach and Fritz sorted out the final route to the top while [...]...
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Fourteen 14ers- Mt Tabeguache 14,155′

It wasn’t a gentle nudge waking me up just after midnight. More of an instantaneous understanding that if I wasn’t outside of my tent in the shortest time possible there would be some smelly consequences… Since my early teens I’ve carried an intestinal hitch-hiker, a viral reminder of my human frailty. In the fraction of [...]...