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Five Ten’s Freerider Pro Canvas MTB Shoe Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Each October, we are reminded of the many people both living in recovery and those that lost the battle with breast cancer. The annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign helps raise awareness about the impacts of breast cancer but adidas and Five Ten aren’t stopping there.

This fall, the companies launched the BCA (Breast Cancer Awareness) Collection with Five Ten senior product manager, Luke Hontz, at the helm of the bike category – specifically, the creation of the Five Ten Freerider Pro Canvas BCA Mountain Bike Shoe. His inspiration? His mother.

Shortly after joining the Five Ten team in 2010, Luke’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. “I was really shaken. I was in the thick of a new career, my dream job, helping to kick off the Five Ten Bike business…I traveled a lot to major bike events in North America and Europe [meaning] I was on the road rather than being with my mother.” Luke felt as if he couldn’t do enough for her and, as he shared “always wished I could have done more to support her”. 

Luke goes on to share that ever since his mother was diagnosed, he wanted to help raise awareness and support “for those afflicted with it, survivors, and friends and family who are looking for ways to be supportive”. While he thought about a shoe for a long time, he also knew it would be an uphill battle to do “something more than simply making a pink shoe”. And, when you get eyes on it, you’ll quickly realize they did far more than that. “The BCA shoes are fairly ‘graphic’”, shares Luke, “We worked closely with women impacted by breast cancer, and of course, my mom provided input.” 

Specifically, Luke collaborated with pro mountain biker and adidas Five Ten athlete Veronique “Vero” Sandler. “When Luke told me about his project, I realized it was a great cause and something I wanted to get behind,” says Vero. After talking with patients and survivors on where they had found strength, she discovered some universal themes including that people found solace and comfort in the outdoors. With that, Sandler created a series of illustrations representing the strength and comfort those with breast cancer have experienced in the outdoors. 

“Spending time in nature or thinking about nature helped them stay positive through difficult times,” says Vero.  “Some significant people in my life have suffered from breast cancer. It’s something many people are affected by during their lifetime, whether they have the disease or know someone who is battling it. It is important to spread awareness. I’m stoked to be involved with designing this collection.” 

To support the campaign, check out the adidas Five Ten Breast Cancer Awareness Collection.

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