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Duzer Duz OZ

As if local Boulder boy Ryan Van Duzer didn’t already have one of the sweetest jobs producing adventure videos including cycling every which way across the North American continent and other adventures around the world, he’s looking to step it up a notch and is vying to be the official Outback Adventurer for Australia. The Best Job In The World is a contest by Australia Tourism looking for fun, energetic and adventurous personalities to travel to Australia and to document their experiences there to encourage others to head downunder themselves.

Over 45,000 videos were submitted to the contest and of the 150 finalists shortlisted into six categories, Van Duzer is one of the 33 Americans, the highest represented country in the finalist count.

After hearing about this, I shot a few questions to this Boulder native who got his start doing “Get Out There” videos for BTV54, a local cable channel and The Daily Camera:

Why Australia?
I’ve been around the world but never to Australia. The Outback seems so mysterious, rugged and untouched. It’s the perfect playground for endless adventures and exploration.

What are you most looking forward to?
If I get the job I’m most looking forward to six months of pure outdoor lovin! I’ve always been a fan of creepy crawly creatures and I know there’s plenty of that in the Outback. When I was a kid I turned my bedroom into a jungle with walls of cages and aquariums full of snakes, lizards and fish. This would be a childhood dream come true–unless I get bit by a venomous snake, that would suck.

What do you think the biggest challenges will be?
Well, the first challenge is beating out 25 amazing people from around the world for the job. It kind of feels like the Willy Wonka competition and the winner gets the best prize you could ever imagine (minus the everlasting Gobstoppers). Being away for six months would be incredible, but I’d sure miss my beloved Boulder and all my family and friends…and Illegal Petes.

Which of your previous experiences will be most relevant/useful while adventuring the outback?
I’ve done some backpacking and mini bike adventures in the Moab area, I absolutely love the desert and the Outback seems somewhat similar. I’ve done some pretty intense physical adventures, but I don’t think that I’ll be pushed to my physical limits for this job. The mission is to inspire travelers from around the world to visit the Outback, not scare the crap out of them.

Any guesses on the best way to saddle a kangaroo?
Oh, I’ve heard that if you get one drunk the night before, you can do whatever you want with a Kangaroo :)

If you were somehow lost in the outback all on your own, what one thing would you want to have with you and why?
If I had plenty of food and water and in no danger of starvation, I’d want miles and miles of bubble wrap so I could hop around endlessly to keep myself entertained. If I didn’t have food and water, I’d want FOOD and WATER. I’ve starved in the jungle before and there is nothing worse in the world–and my mom would kick my ass if I died in the Outback.

Describe some of the new dance moves you’re working on to debut downunder.
Well, I don’t want to give it all away, but I have a mega-mix of moves involving the sprinkler, running man, the worm and a bit of spastic Harlem Shake type body gyration. My dance style is unconventional, some might call it ‘dorky white boy gone bad’ but I take pride in shaking it!


Why do you document yourself doing all these great adventures?
I love sharing fun stories with the world in hopes of inspiring people to get off their couches and explore the best of Mother Nature. I’m not Bear Grylls, nor am I particularly talented at any one thing, I just love being outside breathing fresh air and sleeping under the stars. My adventures can be as simple as climbing a tree or catching (and releasing) craw-daddies, to riding my bicycle 4,000 miles from Central America to Colorado.

What advice do you have for others looking to live a life of adventure?
My advice is simple, just get out there! Start small, go for a hike, ride a bike up a mountain or plunge off a rope swing into a lake. Once the all encompassing feeling of pure bliss after kissing Mother Nature on the lips you’ll be hooked for life! Start prioritizing your money, ditch the expenditures that aren’t necessary and save for up plane tickets, gear and deodorizing underwear. I promise it will be worth it and will change your life for the better.

Check out the video Van Duzer submitted for the job at the Best Job in the World website (or below) and get more on his website: Dig it? Get the buzz going by liking Australian Work Holiday and tagging them and Van Duzer when sharing this story. Bam.

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