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In an amazing show to unity, members of the online forum at have mobilized to help rescue a lost German shepherd stranded on the dangerous Sawtooth Ridge that connects 14,050 ft. Mount Bierstadt with the ridges of Mount Spalding and Mount Evans. You can read more of this real time rescue as it unfolds on the dog rescue thread.

Rescue is underway for this lost dog found on the Sawtooth Ridge near Mount Bierstadt.

We are following the story and will post an update when we know more.

Monday August 13 – 3:14 PM: From the Animal Help Now facebook page:

“She made it! We’ve just heard from Chris O. She’s in good shape and on her way to the vet. The group actually let her out of the backpack half way down, and she walked out on her own. Someone had brought booties for her. Chris says she’s a “sweet, gentle” dog. And she already has a foster home, with the couple that found her and worked for days to get her to safety. Chris says she wouldn’t have gotten out of the boulder field on her own, and the snow continues to fall atop Bierstadt. Hooray!”

And the rescuers have posted a photo of the rescued dog!

Rescued Mount Bierstadt dog
Safe and sound!
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