Whether you’re on a ridgeline with clouds parting around you, or on an exposed climbing traverse with the ground dropping away under your feet, your camera has to be accessible in order to get the shot.

The Capture Camera Clip System, ($79), constructed of weather resistant aluminum, keeps your camera securely at the ready without having to carry a bulky camera bag.  It works with all cameras from point and shoot to DSLR. First, fasten the back plate to your camera, then slide it into the clip where it locks with a click. A quick release lever allows the camera to slide out.

My field testing has consisted of hopping over rocks out in the ocean to get a view back to the crags, and at different vantage points around Mickey’s Beach. The Camera Clip worked as I expected it to – it minimized the bouncing of the camera as I jumped from rock to rock. I have yet to rappel a route and get in the typical climbing photographer’s position but I could see how it would work well for that purpose.

I keep the camera clip on my pack all day, and the plate, which is no broader than my Nikon DSLR, permanently attached to the camera body. I only attach my camera to the clip when I anticipate the need to take a shot. The Camera Clip is light, and other than feeling the cold aluminum pressed against my chest, I don’t notice it’s there.

Guaranteed for life