It’s been a nice, mild Fall this year. The thermometer hasn’t dipped low enough to bust out the cooler weather gloves, but summer mountain bike gloves might be just a little too cool.

I have a lot of gloves at my disposal, so I decided to try the Ergon HP2 gloves. I was using the Ergon HX2 gloves for my racing and riding all summer because they are ultra-light. They weren’t cutting it for the 45-60 degree temperature range, but my favorite Hestras were too warm.

After riding with the HP2s, I noted that I liked more features than just the weight of the material. It’s still light and not considered a “warm” glove, but offers a slightly thicker, tighter knit which keeps my hands slightly warmer.

They have some padding, but it’s still very minimal which may contribute to it feeling a bit “heavier” than my summer gloves.

My favorite things about the gloves?

  • Rubber insets on the finger pad of the thumb and forefinger.  It adds extra grip for braking
  • Terry cloth on the back of the thumb to wipe your snotty face!  The cooler weather certainly sets my nose into overdrive and having something soft and absorbent is muy importante
  • Velcro wrist closure for precision fit on my small wrists
  • Durable construction with the seams and material




Happy riding!  I’m hanging onto Fall like the leaves are desperately clinging to the trees!