4 Ways to Give Back to the Outdoors

Ready to save the world? Start here:

Carbon off-set yourself

Climate Neutral is encouraging everyone to offset their annual carbon footprint. More specifically, it means to purchase an amount of carbon offsets equal to the amount of carbon emissions that are attributable to the average American lifestyle over the course of a year. All the energy and utility usage, air travel, commuting and road tripping, the things a person buys, eats, etc. — all of these activities create carbon emissions, and all of these factor into a personal annual carbon footprint calculation. The average American leaves a footprint of 24 tonnes of CO2e per year. 
The non-profit carbon-labeling program Climate Neutral certification process is designed to help companies accurately measure, reduce, and offset their entire corporate carbon footprint to become a Climate Neutral Certified company. Climate Neutral is making it easy for people to take responsibility for their personal carbon footprint this Giving Tuesday. Just jump onto their Kickstarter Campaign and pledge $100. That will buy you 24 tonnes of CO2e offsets, and includes a $20 donation (after fees and the cost to purchase offsets) to support Climate Neutral — a certified 501c3 non-profit.

Support Pet Friendly Efforts

In the spirit of giving, Tepui has partnered with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and the Monterey County division of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of the new Upcycle Wood Carrier and Upcycle Dog Bowl, crafted from recycled tent canopy materials. Tepui is dedicated to creating quality products out of quality materials, but also wants to use any additional materials generated in the production process as well-loved tent canopies sent back to Tepui to create upcyled goods that reduce the company’s waste. The latest products added to the Tepui Upcycle Program have direct links to charities that Tepui believes in and embodies.

Save the Trees

In 2008, Oboz Footwear headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, created its One More Tree program with Trees for the Future (trees.org) to plant a tree for every pair of Oboz Footwear sold.  The program recently exceeded the 3 million tree mark.

“Planting three million trees is a great milestone, but the broader effect these plantings have on our environment and the people in those areas is even greater,” said company president Amy Beck. “Thank you to our customers and Trees for the Future for helping us improve the lives of others through this program.”Those interested in helping Oboz Footwear and Trees for the Future plant more trees can purchase a pair at their local Oboz Footwear dealer or donate directly to the cause at https://donate.trees.org/fundraiser/1714415.

Double Your Money

Patagonia is making it easy for you to give to your favorite environmental group in the name of a loved one (including your holdout uncle who refuses to believe in climate science). And, even better, Patagonia will match your donation.

Environmental nonprofits make up only three percent of philanthropic giving, yet climate change is our biggest existential threat. Communities are being disrupted and even displaced while solutions to the crisis are known and available. So this holiday season, please donate to environmental protectors in the name of your disbelieving uncle—or anyone else of your choice.

Patagonia is matching all donations made through Patagonia Action Works starting Nov. 29 (Black Friday) through Dec. 31, 2019. Donors can choose to send a digital eCard, print a card from home, or pick up a physical card in any Patagonia store in the United States or Europe. No purchase of Patagonia product is required for donations to be eligible for matching.

Facebook is also matching donations for any fundraisers created on Facebook on Giving Tuesday—up to $7 million! Get your fundraiser set up on Facebook and pick your cause like the Boulder Climbing Community—a local climbing organization working everyday to protect and preserve climbing areas on Colorado’s Front Range and beyond. Donate now to support safer, cleaner, and more sustainable Front Range climbing areas for years to come!

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