5.10, the climbing and approach shoe company best known for its sticky rubber and now celebrating its 20th anniversary, is releasing a variety of new climbing shoes this winter/spring.

The new mid-height Eclipse is similar to the popular Anasazi Velcro, but comes with 3 velcro closure tabs (instead of two found on the Anasazi). The mid-height design both protects the ankles and adds power to the front of the foot. The Eclipse, like many new 5.10 shoes, is coated with a shiny, polytechnic material and has synthetic lined uppers. The polytechnic material keeps the shoes form fitting and snug by wrapping your feet like saran wrap instead of merely covering them like a pancake.This shoe works best for long, hard routes both trad and sport.

The 5.10 Eclipse brings the power of the Anasazi Velcro to a semi-high top

the new 5.10 Super Moc

the new 5.10 Hornet

5.10’s new down-cambered, steep sport and bouldering shoe is the  Hornet. This shoe has asymmetrical lacing and a polytechnic coating. It’s like the Dragon, but refined. These would be a great shoe for Rifle or bouldering in Camp 4.

The new Super Moc is definitely going to catch on for climbers used to  the traditional, and unchanged, Mocasym for the past 15 years. The Super Moc is white, comes with a 3.5mm sole (instead of 5mm like the traditional Mocc) uses the “latest and greatest” Mystique rubber and has a few other design changes/upgrades from the traditional Mocc. Mystique is a longer lasting rubber then C4. The Super Moc is designed to work better/hold up longer in cracks due to changes in the rubber covering the uppers. These will also work well for gym climbing and general use.