1UP launches “Burliest bike rack in the biz”

Are you looking for the burliest, high-capacity bike rack on the market? 1UP USA – creator of sleek, top-notch bike racks – is showing up to the table…and their latest release is insanely impressive.

This May, 1UP released the XD (Xtreme Duty) Bike and E-Bike Rack – featuring a carrying capacity of up to 150lbs per bike tray and ability to accommodate up to three bikes or heavy e-bikes. This timely release hones in on the surging demand to transport e-bikes and e-motorcycles to backcountry trails and gravel roads across the country.

“The XD Bike Rack delivers the best of what 1UP USA has to offer,” said Kurt Barclay, Marketing Director, 1UP USA. “The rack is engineered for use and abuse, built from aluminum and made in the USA. The XD has the highest weight limit of any rack on the market and has been tested in the most extreme off-road driving conditions. We can’t wait to see where this rack takes people.”

XD features include:

  1. Impressive Carrying Capacity: Up to 150lbs for the first tray, 120lbs for the second tray, and 75lbs for the Super Duty tray Add-On.
  2. Flexible Accommodation: Designed to accommodate 1 to 3 bikes or e-bikes with AddOns, the XD Rack can carry road bikes and heavy e-bikes alike.
  3. Extreme Off-Road Durability: Rated for extreme off-road use, the XD Rack is built to withstand the toughest terrains and environments.
  4. Enhanced Stability: The XD Rack features a lower wheel chock (optional accessory) that reduces steer tube movement, securing the bikes by touching only rubber.
  5. Theft Resistant: A security bolt and expander ball at the hitch point minimizes play in the hitch by locking the rack snugly into receiver. The XD also utilizes 1UP USA’s proprietary hex bolts that require a special Allen key to unscrew, which further help to prevent theft. The rack comes standard with a slotted hitch bar lock for added security.
  6. Effortless Adjustment: An upgraded ratcheting mechanism allows for effortless adjustment of the bent arms, and the larger ratchet teeth ensure enhanced strength and stability during transportation.
  7. Modular Design Compatibility: The XD’s modular design is compatible with all 1UP Quik Rack Add-Ons, offering expandability and customization options to meet specific user requirements.
  8. Proudly Made in the USA: The XD Bike and E-Bike Rack is 100% made in the USA, reflecting 1UP USA’s commitment to supporting local manufacturing and delivering superior quality products.

    Find out how to get yours on 1UP USA’s website.

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