10 Gifts for the Dog in Your Life

The Elevation Outdoors Dog Gifts Guide

You have to love the enthusiasm that dogs express when you give them a gift. The unbridled joy of high RPM tail wags and full body wiggles is your dog’s way of saying THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Here are ten great gift ideas that will surely thrill your canine pal.

mountainsmith-k9-bed1- Mountainsmith K9 Dog Bed – $59
The K9 dog bed is a great place for your pooch to rest at home, in the car and in a tent. It’s stuffable enough (stuff sack included) to take into the backcountry and comfy enough to use around the house. Ours have been on cross-country road trips several times and on countless mountain adventures and are still great shape.


musherssecret2 – Musher’s Secret Paw Wax – 7 oz $18
Paw Wax has become an essential part of our winter inventory. Snow and ice trapped in the paws can be cold and uncomfortable. By applying wax, your dog’s paws will be less prone to collecting snow, especially in conditions just below freezing (when snow is particularly tacky). A must-have for dogs that love a good powder romp.



kurgo-bowl3 – Kurgo Collaps A Bowl – $10
Simple, easy to use and rugged — what more do you need? This rubber, collapsible bowl is deep and sturdy so it can be used for water, dry food or canned food. A great value for the price and we promise not to look at you funny if you borrow it for your next camping trip without your dog.




leash-14 – Rad Dog Run N’ Release Leash – $39
Developed using the same spectra cord rock climbers know so well, this collar-and-leash combo is a nice solution for off leash dogs that occasionally need to be reeled in. Tested on dogs up to 110 lbs, the leash retracts back into the collar when not in use. Runners and mountain hikers will appreciate the practicality and dogs won’t mind the lightweight collar.



zisc-15 – Zisc Zogoflex Dog Disc – $15
Discs designed for human use are really tough on dogs’ teeth. Dog-specific frisbees are easy on the mouth and are tough enough to take a good gnawing. The Zisc discs are favorites amongst both species thanks to their durability and throwing ease. Plus, they float, something normal frisbees don’t always do!



nite-ize6 – Nite Ize Nite Dawg Led Collar Cover – $11
Nite Ize has designed this collar cover to slip over your dog’s existing collar. The glowing result lets you keep tabs on your pup once the sun has gone down — or for those early morning days when you’re on the trail before the day has brightened up. Not a bad idea for nighttime neighborhood walks either!




intheraw_beef_1lb7 – I and Love and You – In the Raw Beef Dehydrated Dog Food – 1.5 lbs $21
We are big fans of I and Love and You’s dehydrated dog food. The Colorado-based company with the funny name is all business when it comes to giving your dog a healthy meal on the go. Dehydrated food is easily rehydrated with warm water and is made for all-natural ingredients — absolutely perfect for backpacking, day hikes or trips where you want to keep the weight down but the energy up.




first-aid8 – ASPCA Emergency Ready Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit – $29
In truth, dog first aid kits are not too different from human first aid kits. This ASPCA kit includes a helpful book on pet first aid and most of the essentials. You may consider investing in a few extras — Benedryl, a venom extractor, extra poop bags, emergency leash — to round your kit, but this is a great start. Consult your vet for more info on your specific dog!



Dog-Bathing9 – Urban Dogg Pet Grooming – $20 – $80
With all those miles under their paws, pups are gonna get dirty. All it takes is one enthusiastic roll in the mud (or an irresistible carcass) to stink up your pooch. A gift certificate for grooming is a great gift, no matter where you go (Urban Dogg in Broomfield is a particular favorite of ours).



k9-cube10 – Mountainsmith K9 Cube – $59
We had to include another Mountainsmith item because the K9 Cube is the perfect road trip luggage for your dogs. It comes with 2 bowls (one for food, one for water), a storage bag for dry food, a soft frisbee and a shoulder bag to carry it — and all your dog’s other toys, blankets and water — all in one package. It’s also a nice, compact system for when your dog is staying with friends for the night.



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