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Top 10 Gifts for Adventurous New Parents

You probably know an outdoorsy and adventurous couple who spawned some offspring in the last year or so. They probably debated it heavily with concerns of kids impacting their get out and play lifestyle. As is often the case, it comes down to having the right tools (gear) for the job. Our little Rosie is turning one this January and spent the last year testing piles of gear. Here’s what she approved of:

Julbo Looping 1 Sunglasses
If you think your eyes are sensitive, imagine being new to the world and all the light therein. These glasses are great for infants since they don’t have the dexterity to pull them off. julbo-looping-1Even though Rosie figured out how to yank them off between the ages of 6-8 months, she chilled out after that and let them sit on her face again for some fun in the sun. Julbo uses their highest quality Spectron 4 glass for these little shades and there is no “right side up” so these full coverage lenses can’t be worn wrong. $35;

Rocky Mounts Lift Op Ski Racks
rockymounts-liftopsYou don’t think these have anything to do with having a kid? Wait until that car seat prevents the back seat from folding down and skis and boards no longer fit in the car. Now they strap on top leaving room in the back of the vehicle for all the other items listed below. $145-195;

Burley D’Lite Bike Trailer
The big plus with the D’Lite is the suspension system to keep the bubsie from getting jostled around too much. dlite_green_2013-2Also, the D’Lite is a double wide trailer for only a pound of weight difference from the single wide version, the Solo. Go big or go home because you never know if there will be a need to haul extra gear, a sibling or a friend. For year-round use grab the WeSki kit to play in the snow. $629;

Osprey Poco Series Packs
These packs have the broadest range of use for kids small and large. Osprey has been building packs to support way more weight than babies, making their suspension and carrying systems as comfortable as it gets. Some of the packs offer great features like a sunshade, rain cover, lots of pockets and room for the various accessories needed for a day (or a few days) on the trail with baby. $200-300;

Joovy Tricycoo
Forget a stroller, this little trike gets the kiddo engaged with what’s going on around them. Built to grow with the child, the Tricycoo starts off with a safety seat cage, parent push handle, and the pedals can be unlocked to avoid conflict with the pushers efforts. Then as they get older, remove the seat cage, the push handle and lock the pedals for them to go on their own. It also makes for a good skunk costume for halloween. $110;

Ciao Baby High Chair
Everyone else has a camp chair, why not baby? Especially one that comes with a built in tray top for meal time anywhere, anytime. New parents know a little containment at meal time is essential and this high chair is perfect from restaurants to picnics and hotel rooms to campsites. $68;

Wipe Me Cute Diaper Clutch
diaper-clutchOften times a whole diaper bag is way too much to haul around. This handy kit holds a few diapers and has a baby wipe dispenser—just what you need for little emergencies while out and about. This clutch fits into whatever other bag you happen to be taking along. $35;

Lili’s Bebe Changing Pad
Changing diapers on the go sucks. But combined with the diaper clutch mentioned above and this non-slip bottom changing pad the process gets much easier. The non-slip is essential for those times on slick surfaces to keep a naked baby and whatever unpleasantries may be present from making an unexpected move. $13;

Lifefactory Baby Bottles
No matter how BPA-free plastic baby bottles claim to be, plastic has an inherent porousness that will never stand a chance against the purity and cleanliness of glass. Add to that glass a silicon protective sleeve and the breakability issue is resolved. Lifefactory makes 4 and 9 oz. bottles to be combined with Stage 1-3 and Y-cut nipple tops as well as sippy-caps and solid caps. These bottles will literally serve a lifetime. $15;

Spuni Spoons
spuni-pair-top-bouncing-blue-and-oops-orangeThis may seem like a minor thing, but it can make a huge difference at meal time at home or on the trail. The tulip shaped spoon head is designed for that transition from breast feeding to solid foods to be more comfortable for little mouths and to minimize messes. $16 for 2;

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