What is it that most people look for in a bicycle cleaner? Well for it to work! Now a days with fancy carbon bits and lightweight ti frames it is important that it also not destroy your bike in the process. Some studies have shown that the ever popular Simple Green can actually be corrosive to your trusty stead. Reports show that the US Army and Air Force have prohibited its use on their aircraft and other equipment. Now you can think what you think about the Army and Air Force or even the US government in general, but when it comes down to taking care of its equipment, they have a strong track record.

As a bike mechanic of 14 years I have always seem Simple Green as the leader in cleaners for bicycles and all it’s grimy parts. After hearing about these reports I have started to think a little differently. My bike contains aluminum, carbon and many kinds of plastic that I need to be 100% so my bike preforms at the best it can. If there is something I can do differently in cleaning my bike to help keep it top shelf, I will certainly do so.

Now enter Pro Gold Bike Wash and Degreaser. For this post I will be focusing on the Bike Wash specifically, which is a stronger version of the degreaser. The wash cleans all types of frames, spokes and components. It contains no lye, phosphates, bleach, dyes, brighteners or perfume. In addition to safely cleaning carbon frames and bike parts, Bike Wash can be used on washable fabrics and finishes.

Now all that sounds great, but I am not one to take words for fact without a little proof to back it up. What better way to test it then to do a clean test yourself? Recently while overhauling a classic Sears ladies cruiser I thought I would give this stuff a shot.

Pro Gold’s face and voice, Bruce Dickman gave one great piece of advice when using the wash, “Spray it on your dry bike and let it sit for a good five minutes. The cleaner will literally start to melt away the grease and grim.”

Come on now! Melt it away? However Bruce couldn’t be more spot on. I did just as he suggested and sprayed down the caked chainring that likely had 20+ years of grease and grim concreted to it. I sprayed it down and went inside for a bit. Upon returning was amazed with what I saw… The grease was literally dripping away! I hadn’t even needed to scrub it yet!

I looked down at the chain, or what appeared to be the chain. I thought to myself, “Well now here will be a true test!” The 20+ year old chain hardly moved. It was covered in grease and rust. My normal mechanic self would say to ditch the chain and install a new one. But I figured why not give this cleaner another test. So into a Bike Wash bath the chain went.

I let the chain soak over night for about 12 hours. Upon returning to the container the next day I wasn’t surprised to see the fluid was a dark murky blackish brownish mess. I reached down into the cleaner and removed the chain. It was not sparkling by any means, but it was much much cleaner! After a short scrub and little more cleaner the chain looked completely different. Most of rust was gone and it was moving freely.

After this short test I was pretty well convinced that this product really works. As a mechanic nothing is more frustrating then working on a dirty bike. With the Pro Gold Bike Wash in my arsenal I will be able to tackle any tune this dirty world may throw at me! A special thanks to Pro Gold and Bruce Dickman for the great product for me to use. I highly suggest this cleaner for any home or pro shop. Just remember, a clean bike is a happy bike and a happy bike works!

Pro Gold is a US based company that produces everything from cleaners to grease to chain lube and can be found in most professional bike shops. For any questions or details on their product Pro Gold can be reached here.