The March 2014 Issue of Elevation Outdoors is Live!

The March 2014 Adventure Travel Issue of Elevation Outdoors Is Live!

Spring break is here. We hit the road in the March issue of Elevation Outdoors in search of adventure travel close to home and across the globe. We give the the beta on where to go, what to do, and the gear to bring along. Ready to dig in?

We kick things off with the big trip that tops most adventure junkie bucket lists. Brendan Leonard, author of The New American Road Trip Mixtape, heads down the Grand Canyon. He’s never been on a river trip before, but ends up being put on the oars in some the nastiest rapids in the Big Ditch. Then we head across the globe. Just back from Iceland, editor-in-chief Doug Schnitzspahn dishes on the best spots for adventure, food, music, and lodging in Reykjavik. Down in Africa with the Adventure Travel Trade Association, senior editor Cameron Martindell maps out a wild mountain bike ride in Namibia, including a free GPS route download and software from ViewRanger. Martindell also lets you know the best spots to eat, sleep and play in Chile. Closer to home, Schintzspahn chases powder turns and rainbow trout on the same day in South Fork Colorado. In Yosemite, Chris Van Leuven rips lips and climbs routes with free soloist angler Chad Shepard. And online editor Aaron Bible sits down a talks to global adventurer and activist Kim Havell. Of course, we also run down our top picks for adventure travel gear.

We are also aware that we are a global economy now, and journalist Paul Tolme digs into the damage a train which will haul dirty coal across the West to be shipped to China could inflict on outdoor adventure towns like Bozeman, Mont. He talks to star athletes Conrad Anker and Jeremy Jones, who speak out against the train in the new documentary, “Momenta.” It all rounds out with some advice on how to mix business and pleasure from climber and speaker Jim Davidson (hint: his socks still smell) and tips on how to be a better traveler from Denver beat philosopher Peter Kray in Elwayville.

So stop reading this and dig in. Here’s a digital sneak peak at the March 2014 issue on newsstands, for free, now…


Extreme Funding: Funding your next adventure could be easier than you think

Get Warm in Chile: extend your summer with a trip down south

Coal Train Blues: Contributor Paul Tolme speaks with Jeremy Jones about the release of Momenta

Spotlight on Reykjavik, Iceland

Trial by Rapids: A first-timer takes a turn on the oars down the Grand Canyon

The Present Moment: Free climbing and fly-fishing in Yosemite

Climb Pays: how to make a living doing what you love


Athlete Spotlight: Professional skier Kim Havell

Hot Spot: South Fork, Colorado

Elwayville: the Broncos lost the Super Bowl, so let’s move on to what’s really important.

Gear Guide: Have Gear, Will Travel

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