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Priority Mens Diamond BLK copy

Priority Diamond

It’s no secret that we here at Elevation Outdoors love the simplicity and quiet of a Gates Carbon Drive belt system. This snazzy cruiser offers a three-speed belt and all the sleek showiness we wanted in our day-to-day ride. Plus, it handles smooth on the bike path and in traffic, all at less than $400. It’s available in step-through models, too. $399;


2015 BULLS Wild Edge 29 copy

Bulls Wild Edge 29

Bulls is a big name in Germany but just launched this April here in the states. A carbon ride weighing in around 25 pounds, the Wild Edge offers up all the performance you would want (Shimano XT and FSA components, four inches of full suspension through a RockShox RS-1Air 100-mm fork and a rear Rock Shox Monarch XX Air Shock), but it rings in at a very nice price, since it’s only available online. $3,800;


Haibike_XDURO_FS_RX_27_swb copy

Haibike Xduro FS RX 27.5

No matter what you think about e-bikes (see our story on page 26), we suggest you at least try one. The shock of rolling into pedal assist and magically heading uphill, puts a grin on the face of the biggest cynic. This baby won awards in Europe for good reason—it’s fully loaded and can endure the pounding of even the gnarliest trails, stuff we could not ride up on human-powered bikes.  $5,200;


Defy_Advanced_Pro_0 copy

Giant Defy Advanced PRO

This composite ride is the best bike we put to the pavement in Colorado in every category. Light and very responsive, the geometry is ideal for the varied types of riding we face here: it’s stable on descents, comfy on climbs and puts you in the right place in the saddle for those long windy spins. It’s loaded with Shimano Ultegra Di2 11-speed electronic shifting and Shimano R785 hydraulic disc brakes. And all that rings in under five grand. $4,950;


©Earl Harper

Raleigh Capri Carbon 3 PowerTap

The main concern when it comes to a woman’s road bike is simply the geometry. Women and men have different shapes and different centers of gravity. The Capri felt right for our female testers—a slackened seat angle brought them back just enough that they were not leaning into the front of the bike. Plus, women can be geeks too, and a PowerTap hub offers power data feedback on your ride that you can analyze to train better. $3,800;


mojoHD3-base-1468 copy

Ibis Mojo HD3

Enduro is the flavor of the year for the bigger-bodied race-minded folks here at EO. And this carbon-frame, 27.5-wheel beauty is our steed of choice. With long, geometry and paired with a 150-mm fork, it crushes the downs. But don’t worry too much about riding back up—the DW-link suspension takes the bob out of the climb with a solid pedaling platform. $2,900 (frame);


Lapierre_ZestyTrail829_Pri copy

Lapierre Zesty Trail 829

Meet our secret weapon. This bike keeps us ahead of our buddies on rides with big ups and rollicking downhills like Walker Ranch, Hall Ranch and Lair o’ the Bear. Credit that to its simple ability to roll—the big 29-inch wheels and 120 mm RockShox SID RL front fork keep it railing on the downhills, but it can absolutely power into the ups, thanks in big part to the e:i Shock system, which responds automatically to the terrain. $6,500;



Specialized Era Comp Carbon 29

A ride for women who like to get out front whether they are racing or just out eating up the local trails, this bike is fully loaded. With female geometry and weighing in at just over 25 pounds, this carbon machine features Specialized’s lauded Brain system, which engages the shock when you need it but stiffens up for pedaling power when you are digging into big climbs.


These little extras will improve your day on the bike.

1. Giro Savant

Giro_H_Savant_MatteWhiteBl copy

Meet the best road cycling helmet for the money that we tested. There’s nothing fancy about the Savant, but it did just what we wanted: it fits easily and vents well. $90;

2. Castelli Climber’s 2.0 Jersey

Castelli copy

Yes, Italian master designers built this baby for the rigors of big climbs, but its stretchy fit, breathability and fast drying properties made it comfy no mater where we rode. $130;

3. Omni Wheel

Omni Wheel - 1 copy

Want all the power of an electric bike but don’t want to go all in? Swap out the Omni Wheel for the front wheel on your favorite ride and soon you will be cruising past all those racer types in their fancy Castelli kits. $999–$1,299;

4. Shimano SH-M200 Enduro Shoe

Shimano-M200L_01 copy

Enduro is so hot right now… hot enough to need its own big burly shoe that will keep you stable on the pedals when you bomb down. It has just enough flex for other rides, too. $180;

5. Kitsbow Haskell

KitsbowHaskell_Olive_Outsi copy

We have to confess, we didn’t realize these were mountain bike shorts when they first arrived. The Haskell is that ideal short for a day when you don’t want to change between riding and hipstering at cafes and brew pubs. $165;

6. Sound Probiotics Sport

SoundSportbottle 2 copy

Many athletes focus on nutrition, few focus on their intestinal flora. These probiotics keep your gut happy, aiding in absorbing nutrients and amino acids among other benefits. $29;

7. Osprey Escapist 32

Escapist 32 Blue S15 copy

Designed for bikepacking, this pack will haul a ton of gear and still feel balanced when you ride. A bottom zipper makes it easy to reach stuff in the bottom of the pack and an internal divider helps keep everything sorted. It’s ideal for a Telluride-to-Moab trip. $130;

8. Michelin Wild Rock’R2 Advanced Reinforced

michelinWild copy

An Enduro tire designed for dry terrain (think Breckenridge), this knobby wonder features burly side blacks that hold on that loose stuff and compounds that endure punishment. $80;

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